Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Never Too Early to Quit

I guess Amelia really listens to me. Tonight our usual bedtime ritual was interrupted when Amelia announced, "I've gotten better about not smoking." That's pretty good since my four-year-old daughter has never smoked! She continued, "Smoking is really bad. It makes you greasy." Now that's a side effect that I wasn't aware of.

Some times I get so wrapped up in the discipline side of parenting that I forget how delightful Amelia is. How funny and original she is. I love the bright sound of her giggle. I love how she chases our chicken Rachel around the yard and scoops her up in her arms and the pride she has over Rachel's eggs. I love how she calls Jack our "buddy man." I love that she adores her daddy and that she calls "The Mythbusters" mist busters.

But most of all I love that she's gotten better about not smoking!

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