Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Hottest Fantasy

My latest fantasy may not be quite what you would expect. I drive to a nearby hotel and retrieve my room key. I place a do not disturb sign on the door, and go into the room where an enormous king sized bed awaits. I crank down the air conditioning as low as it will go. Not even bothering to undress, I crawl into the bed and fall into a deep, blissfully undisturbed sleep - alone!

Lately it seems like our house goes crazy after midnight. Ray stumbles into bed somewhere around 1 a.m. after indulging his helicopter/Vietnam obsession. Amelia makes her entrance around 2 when she wakes up from a bad dream. Then Jack begins crying around 3. I know it's all temporary--well, maybe not the helicopter obsession. And I'm sure that I will miss snuggling with Amelia and the sweet times Jack and I share while he nurses, but I'm really jonesing for some hardcore sleep. I'm not talking about a catnap. I want put-on-the-blackout-shades-sleep-till-noon sleep. I want the kind of sleep where you wake up to eat a snack and then burrow back between the covers. I definitely did not do enough of that before kids!

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AmyDe said...

It's funny the things you miss - like taking a shower without someone flushing the toilet (it's like I'm in the dorms again) or going to the bathroom without someone flinging the door open - though I'll miss it I know.